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Are your money moves leading you in the right direction, Libra?

Libra Horoscope - Libra Weekly Horoscope From 26th August 2019 In Hindi - Preview

With Mercury retrograde in your second house—AKA the financial district of the zodiac wheel—you may be having second, third and fourth thoughts about your work trajectory. This Monday, November 11, could bring at least a smidge of clarity as the illuminating Sun shines alongside backspinning Mercury. Scrolling through LinkedIn or even your old emails could trigger a lightbulb moment. A cold lead in your contact database could reheat quickly after one engaging exchange. This time around, make sure to put systems in place to compensate for your divergent working styles.

Libra single love horoscope

This would be the time to stop playing hard to get and let yourself get caught! You need to put in the effort! People who seem bland on the surface could be hiding more than a few fascinating layers you had no clue were there. Look for clever ways to help them shine.

Running away is not a solution. Even the Libra Sun, which moves into tension with Saturn and Pluto like Mercury and Venus before it , urges clarification, even if unpleasant things come to light. Mars opposite Chiron also points in this direction and can place his finger in a wound. We are heading for an Aries Full Moon in tension with Pluto - this can be understood as an invitation to show very special courage. You get support because someone once again means well with you Jupiter opposite the sign of Gemini.

This is due to your demands or to your idea of the "perfect relationship". Can you reduce your demands and live with mistakes? There will be hardly anything else left for you now. Venus changes into Scorpio and faces Uranus: Relationship issues need to be re-examined and re-evaluated. What is the essence? What do you never want to do without? The Moon had to endure very much in Capricorn and could endure it and will have a longing for distance in Aquarius. You want to shake off a theme. Which people are good for you? Who can cheer you up? It is now difficult for you to deal with problems on your own.

You need at least one person whom you can fully trust and "unload" your worries. Is this one person enough for you? In Scorpio, Venus goes into opposition to Uranus and has to do with friendships.

Libra Weekly Horoscope

Would you like to be popular? How important is popularity to you? Do you have too serious a nature for a large circle of friends? Cheerfulness and seriousness are now very close together. Moods are extremely fluctuating. The Full Moon shows it again at the weekend, as if to proof the point. Would you prefer a superficial but cheerful and carefree relationship? Sometimes you think so, but you know better, because superficiality is just not your way.

When you are deeply connected and still find reasons to laugh, the temporary serenity is all the more valuable. You do not come to rest, there is always something going on. The Aries Full Moon on the weekend illustrates this situation and would like to be a turning point. A turning point requires rethinking, Mercury is responsible for thinking, and he still seems to hold on to the old and outdated. Only when there is nothing more to lose can everything be let go.

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Mars is not yet ready either. He is counting on diplomatic solutions in the sign of Libra. This week you will pull out all the stops to achieve a respectable result that can be "sold" as a success. Jupiter in Sagittarius sees the positive side in everything and can outshine disadvantages. You must be allowed to question relationships. As soon as you do this, the pressure decreases and you can save what is still to be saved. But if you act as if there were no problems, the pressure increases and arguments become all the more difficult. Mars in Libra may not argue - that can be a big problem because there is no outlet to vent the anger.

You feel how important it is to see and seize opportunities. On Monday the Aquarius Moon in tension to Mercury and Uranus can give the decisive kick to look at a situation anew and to leave accustomed thought patterns. Mercury in Scorpio can find extraordinarily courageous words, which are now needed. For the Libra Sun things are getting uncomfortable tension to Saturn and Pluto , but if you recognize a meaning Jupiter , you are ready for sacrifices Saturn and Neptune.

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  6. In which moments are you capable of self-restraint? The sign of Virgo is actually modest, which benefits you if you renounce something. Venus in Scorpio opposite Uranus knows that renunciation can even be joyful. At the weekend the Aries Full Moon expresses something combative. You are or see a person of conviction.

    Libra single love horoscope 12222

    Thus a disturbance is indicated. Already on Monday Mercury opposes Uranus and expresses something that was not expected. The disturbance begins with disturbing words. What is your part in it? Can you explain your behavior to your partner?

    Libra weekly horoscope - Your Libra weekly horoscope for the week ahead

    Can you at least explain it to yourself? What have you been working on since the corresponding new moon in Aries this past April 5? This lunar lift dares you to put your authentic and percent amazing self out there. Make room onstage for other headliners to shine. Since feisty Aries can fire up our anger, tempers may flare this weekend.

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